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Carpet Cleaning in Allen

Carpets and area rugs are trendy decor that is loved by many homeowners. They are usually associated with a homely atmosphere, stylish interior design, and - of course - comfort.

However, notwithstanding their popularity, the majority of homeowners don't know how to take care of their carpet and rug, believing that vacuum cleaning is more than enough to get rid of dirt and dust. Hippo Carpet Cleaning of Allen is going to explain to them why vacuuming is not enough and show you why your carpet needs professional cleaning.

Reasons to Clean Your Carpet

Professional carpet cleaning is the best way to kill bacteria and allergens. Your carpet might look all clean and shiny to the naked eye, but it is just an illusion. According to the majority of specialists, carpets and area rugs need to be steam cleaned at least twice a year. Professional carpet cleaning is not only about tidiness; it is mostly about your health!

Green Cleaning Products

To reduce the risk of allergies, Hippo Carpet Cleaning of Allen uses only green cleaning products, safe for both people and pets. Being certified by EPA and IICRC, we can guarantee that our work will be safe for the environment.

Carpet Cleaning

Prolong Your Carpet's Life

Professional cleaning, twice a year, is what your carpet needs for long life. A certified technician will know the best cleaning method for your carpet based on its type, its quality, color, and other factors that are often ignored by a non-certified technician. Trust us with your carpets and rugs, and they will keep their beauty for many years!

Experience that will make the difference for your carpet

Hippo Carpet Cleaning of Allen has been working in the carpet cleaning field for over a decade, thus knows everything to get the job done. Our cleaning experts can tackle any type of carpet, rug or upholstery you have!

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